Bennington Candle

Aromatherapy Candle - Love - Half Pillar

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Bennington Candle is a small, independent company established in 1997 in Bennington, VT.  Their commitment to quality and the desire to produce the finest aromatherapy candle line has made them Earth House's top selling candle line ever!  All of the candles are hand poured of the finest grade paraffin wax using lead-free 100% cotton wicks.  The unique scents, proven to lift spirits and change moods, are from their own blends of essential and natural oils from flowers, herbs, and trees.  The mottled look of the candle is from the slow cooling process, which allows air to come to the surface of the wax.  Enjoy the aromatherapy experience!

LOVE: essential oils of Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, and Orange

HALF PILLAR  3" x 3"

Burn time approximately 35 hours

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