Once upon on a time (June 23,1990) on a sandbar sitting in the Atlantic Ocean (Cape Cod) a happy newly married couple Robin Sullivan (previous art gallery owner) and Dylan Stanton (previous record shop owner) set about to open a shop to change the world, one T-shirt & bumpersticker at a time. So Earth House was born, with a goal to be the gift shop for Planet Earth (kinda like after you visit the Grand Canyon you visit the gift shop before your trip home).The shop started humbly enough with low watt light bulbs, shower water savers, bumperstickers & buttons. As the years turned into decades we ALL have seen war for oil, political corruption and Global Climate Change. We have had the most wonderful conversations with our customers about these problems while curing the blues with a funny T-shirt or some incense or a little jewelry. After awhile our shop (which is located in an old Victorian house on a sandbar called Cape Cod) slowly expanded with shops within our Earth House world with Instant Karma Records, Poster Art and Old & In The Way. So as long as we remain above sea level (currently at 76 feet above the waves) we will sell the happy traveler some groovy clothing,some nice candles,a record or two,some far out posters and maybe an old comic book or action figure.

                                                Peace & Love

                                               Batman & Robin